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 It dates back about 330 years in the middle of the feudal system when samurais had strict control over the common people.It is quite surprising that the oldest school for common people in Japan was established at that period. The Shizutani School was an excellent school in terms of not only educational quality but also the building itself. It is our homeland's pride.The history of Shizutani School started in 1666 (Kanbun 6) when Lord Mitsumasa Ikeda of Bizen came up with the idea of an educational utopia at this quiet place surrounded by mountains while he was on an inspection tour of his domain. In 1668 (Kanbun 8), Lord Mitsumasa opened a learning place here. In 1670 (Kanbun10), his chief retainer Nagatada Tsuda began to build a full-scale school.
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Learn in detail about the history and important aspects of the Shizutani School, an educational sanctuary.
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