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That's Bizen Pottery

 That's Bizen Pottery
 Simple elegance that warms your heat

   Video: Warmth of clay     Bizen Pottery: Its beauty
Bizen Pottery is not glazed or painted. It is simply shaped and fired. Given the blunt appearance, where does its infinite appeal come from?
This special soil is dug up and refined, to become the raw material used to provide many beautiful creations. After the potter forms the clay into a shape, which is then fired at about 1,300oC. During the firing, it goes through various changes and turns into a piece of pottery. The pattern on its surface is an ensemble created by nature and the potter.
Yes, Bizen Pottery is a collaboration of nature and man. That's the beauty of it. It has no ornate decoration. That's exactly why Bizen Pottery speaks volumes.

Virtual Bizen Pottery
Enjoy virtual clay forming of Bizen Pottery.
Shockwave Plug-in is necessary.

 Virtual Bizen Pottery 

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